As we move into the new year...

There are all these changes, particularly with Medicare.

We can sit and worry and stress over it, or we can get busy.

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If doctors are not referring to you...

...they don't like you. I know it's a tough pill to swallow and I say it all the time that if you look at your top referral sources, you have no doubt, they like you.

So what can we do to get them to know you better, and like you more?

If your bread and butter is going to come from physicians, and you're not getting referrals from physicians...

I want to let you know about something...

For over 20 years I've delivered our New Patient Marketing Course to over 2600 private practice owners throughout the nation. It works. And it's proven.

Learn How To

  • Significantly increase the lifetime value of a every new patient
  • Set yourself apart from every other physical therapist in town
  • Significantly lower their cancellation rate
  • Actually complete plans of care versus experiencing patients who self-discharge
  • Get patients referring friends and family in volume

People are talking..

Tom Dalonzo-Baker, PT

“Many years ago, I was struggling with my practice. I had to do something, so I took the New Patient Marketing Course. I finally found a way to expand my practice. It worked!. Shaun said, "If you knew how to run your practice with the same skill as you have treating patients, would you be more successful?" Answering that one question changed my life forever. I am such a better entrepreneur because of that course. -Tom Dalonzo-Baker, PT

I'd like to invite you to Florida this year to take the course.

It's a 3 day course being with delivery starting in January 2022!

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Don't worry. We won't accept any money until after we've talked to you and made sure we are a good fit for each other.

The New Patient Marketing Course Outline

Topics, along with personal consultation along the way

Orientation to New Patient Marketing: An Introduction and Overview.

Why Marketing Seems Complex: Patient care is easy but it wasn't when you started. We will take the mystery out of marketing and make it easy by covering the fundamentals.

​The Future of Physical Therapy: Find out about the demographic trends the industry is taking and how to take advantage of this in your practice.

Your New Patient “Machine.”: Identifying the new patient “contact points” in your practice and how to make each contribute to your success.

Creating "Maximum nod your head factor™": The greater the agreement with your message the stronger the attraction there is to you and your services. We will focus on how all marketing it to gain agreement and cooperation in referring to you.

Marketing Research & Surveys: These are the difference between a profitable marketing campaign or a very expensive way to “learn a lesson.” We’ll also cover how to apply this to every aspect of your marketing effort.

Creating an Effective Public Relations image: By correctly applying surveyed data, you will KNOW how to create an positive effiect with physicians, past patients and would-be patients resulting in a "like" of who you are and what your do and an interest in knowing more.

​Marketing Content: What you say and how you say it has everything to do with response! Manage your marketing message.

What Services Should You Promote and How?: There is a strong desire to create a niche when it comes to marketing. Learn why that is a very expensive choice.

Building Effective PR with Physicians: We break down a series of public relations messages that solves a problem for the doctor that increases their affinity toward your practice over others clinics in your area.

External Marketing – Mailings: Whether you’re sending postcards, newsletters or any other type of print ad, these are lessons you’ll need to be successful. We’ll cover costs, methods and what gets the best response – along with how to save money and maximize the effect of your marketing dollar.

​External Marketing – Internet: Discover the formula for a successful website, along with the basics of Search Engine Optimization (that’s easy enough for anyone to do). We’ll also show you the exact steps to make your website get more new patients, along with what it should actually cost for Internet marketing (hint: Most people spend too much…because they are missing this information).

​Marketing Your Highest Demand Service: By combining physician survey data and demographic surveys, we walk you through a series of promotional pieces that begin to build your reputation as the best in town.

​Face-to- Face Physician Interactions: Learn who is best to make these visits and when? (Hint: It is generally not the owner.)

Marketing to Past Patients: 50% of the caseload that you are seeing now had been past patients. Our marketing program to patients is a very powerful practice builder. It is far, far easier to recover a past patient than to bring in a brand-new patients. You'll learn how.

​The Value of a Marketing Gimmick When Marketing to Patients: You want your phone to ring when promoting to patients. The effective use of a marketing gimmick and adopting appropriate call management procedures at the front desk can rapidly fill your schedule.

Create a Check-up Program that's Just Like Your Dentist: The "lifetime" value of your new patient is seldom considered. You will learn how to implement a follow-up program to reactivate your discharged patients who need your care. This program is powerful and we can even set it up as a fully automated service if your wish.

​Put Your Patients On Your Team: Happy patients want to refer to you. We will show you how to ask your happy patients for a referral of a friend and family member. Our program will likely crush what you may be doing right now to solicit those friends and family referrals.

20-Week Marketing Program: You will leave with a 20-week, simple to follow, marketing program to help drive in new patients from physicians, patient referrals and to reactivate discharged patients.

​One-on-One Practice Consultation: No two practices are exactly alike. There are certainly similarities but there can also be stark differences. We will gather some data about your present marketing, personnel and growth strategies and offer some workable solutions that you can take back to your clinic to implement immediately and maximize your success from the New Patient Marketing Course.

Located in beautiful Safety Harbor, Florida.


Do you have an online version?

Most of the time people will say, do you have an online version? We tried that. What I found is that no one actually did the course. Then I found out that only 5% of people who buy online course actually complete them.

So the best way I found to help you with your practice, is to have you sit down knee-to-knee with us.

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