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experience The 'Driving Practice Expansion System'  that is Helping PT Practice Owners Exponentially Grow Their Practices While Working Under 20 Hours Per Week...

We want to personally FLY our team out to your clinic to work with you and your team to help you build an automated, hands-free practice and increase your patient visits by hundreds per week...

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...we've developed a proven system that allows us to optimize your practice with our profit-building strategies to increase your PROFIT margin upwards of 30%, help you create simple marketing campaigns that bring 10-15+ new patients through your doors every single week and personally train your staff to run your clinic FOR YOU so that you can work under 20 hours per week!

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Mini Webinars For Idea Validation / Offer Creation

Mini Webinars were pioneered by us for passionate Entrepreneurs with an idea that are looking to quickly validate and test their offer, messaging, and positioning.

We developed a unique way to leverage paid traffic to get hyper qualified leads to raise their hand ready to speak with you about your products and services ready to buy. We use Mini Webinars to quickly sell high-ticket versions of your program or service with a high ROI to validate their programs so they aren't wasting precious time and money wondering what works.

If you're just launching a brand new offer, or have a high-ticket program that you need to generate leads for, Mini Webinars are likely what we'd recommend.

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"He gets tremendous results, and very quickly..."

Vinod Somareddy, CEO

Reddy Care Physical Therapy

Does he know what he's talking about? Absolutely. 

Will he help your practice? Absolutely."

Kevin Cappel, CEO

Jet PT Billing

"I owe him a great deal of gratitude for everything he's done..."

Chuck Herron, CEO

On the Mend Physical Therapy

"I can't recommend him enough..."

Tom Dalonzo-Baker, CEO

Total Motion Release Seminars

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